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Why Buckwheat is the best gluten free flour?

Why Buckwheat is the best gluten free flour?

This article is here to review Buckwheat, my personal favourite gluten - free flour. It is the best gluten - free flour out there.I feel this is 100% gluten free as nothing has happened to my family when we have This superfood is much healthier and tastier than wheat. So it’s no wonder I use it in all of my recipes and I prefer buckwheat over other flours.
Buckwheat is so good that nearly any recipe with wheat can be replaced with Buck (wheat). And don’t worry just because wheat is in Buckwheat it doesn’t mean it contains gluten :-)

Now for some geek talk

Recent studies have proven that Buckwheat cures and prevents Cancer because Buckwheat plenty of B17 and cancer is caused by its deficiency. Buckwheat is a very good source of manganese, copper, magnesium, dietary fibers and phosphorous. The protein in Buckwheat is high quality and contains all eight essential amino acids including lysine. It is very low in saturated fat, cholesterol, and sodium. It prevents gallstones from forming. Buckwheat is good for your cardiovascular system, blood sugar control and highly beneficial to diabetics.

So much that buckwheat has been touted as “The world’s healthiest food”. So what are you waiting for buy it here. Just another tip the whole grain is healthier and can be easily ground as it is soft enough to crumble in hands if you want whole grain instead of flour buy it here (USA) or here (India).

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