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Gluten Free Sattu paratha/Roasted Gram Flour Flat Bread

Gluten free Sattu Paratha /

Roasted Gram Flour Flat Bread

For stuffing:
·         1 cups - roasted Chana dal powder (sattu) india  US
·         5 - Cloves garlic, chopped fine or grated
·         3 - green chilies, chopped
·         2 tsp - coriander leaves, chopped
·         2 tsp - Lime juice
·         1/2 tsp – ajwain
·         ¼ tsp- Kala jeera/black cumin
·         salt to taste
·         4 tsp - Mustard oil

For dough:
·         1 cups -Rice flour
·         1 cup- Tapioca flour *
·         ¼ cup- buckwheat flour
·         4 tsp- oil
·         1/4 tsp – salt                                                                                                                             *(Soak the tapiaco pearl balls/saboo dana which are easily available in any grocery store and make the powder it's amazing how it holds the flour make it easy to bake make flat bread stuff flat bread and it makes it soft)


1.    For stuffing:
2.    Mix all the stuffing ingredients with sattu/,
For  dough:
3.    Add 1 tbsp of rice flour to some boiling water  and stir it until to a sticky consistency
4.    Let it cool down a little add the rest flour and salt
5.    Knead the flours, adding the required amount of water to make a soft dough.
For making  paratha:
6.    Divide the dough into small portions.

7.Take a portion of the dough curve out a bowl shape with the help of the thumb
8.    Place a portion of the mixture (approx 2 tsp) in the middle, enfold the filling
9.    Then with the pressure of the fingers and palm shape it to a flatbread don't try to make it too thin otherwise the contents will burst out.
10.    Cook on a flat pan, applying oil/ghee till both sides are cooked and golden brown in color.
11.  Serve with pickles.

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